AirAsia - Enjoy 2013 Low Fares Promotion Review (3rd December - 16th december 2012)

AirAsia - Enjoy 2013 Low Fares (3rd December - 16th December 2012)
Drawbacks : Advanced booking required, limited time to book, promotional fares are not always available everyday, Prices not as low as Xmas Promotion

Booking period: 3rd December 2012 – 16th December 2012
Travel period: 4th March 2013 – 31st May 2013

For the fares marked with (*),Travel period is from 1 Apr - 31 May 2013. For the fares marked with (**),Travel period is from 11 Dec - 31 May 2013.

  1. Advanced booking required.
  2. Fares are not available during embargo period.
  3. RM20 AirAsia E-Gift Voucher is only applicable for the first 11,000 bookings when you purchase AirAsia flights with AirAsia Insure. More info
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AirAsia have the holidays promotion covered! Yet again, AirAsia promises low ticket prices to local as well as international destinations with their Low Fares promotion. And where there's an AirAsia promotion, we'll be there to analyze your possible amount of savings. So here we go!
Example 1: Return Journey to Seoul, South Korea
We're beginning to see a pattern here in AirAsia : The cheaper promotion prices are sparsely arranged in the start of the travelling month for that particular promotion (In this case, in March). Nevertheless, a one-way flight that would normally cost RM709.00 (all-in, including taxes and fees) to Seoul, can be obtained for as cheap as RM399.00 (you get to save RM310.00 here). During higher peak periods, other one-way promotional tier levels are available at RM479.00, RM529.00, and RM629.00. A normal return ticket would cost you RM873.00, RM763.00, and RM683.00, however it is very possible to obtain a promotional fare of RM453.00. This promo price can save you up to RM420.00.
Like most holiday goers we would assume that you would want to eventually return from your destination, thus our main concern would be the overall cost of the entire entire trip (including the return flight). And if you're lucky enough to get the promo prices, your trip to Seoul will cost you : RM399.00 + RM453.00 = RM852.00. Say if you can't get the promo prices, your trip could be : RM709.00 + RM873.00 = RM1,582.00. You can save up to RM730.00 on your flight tickets with this promotion. The key is of course, flexibility! Also, this combination of flights is fairly easy to obtain throughout the promotional period, assuming you stay clear of the peak periods and public holidays of course.
Example 2: Return Journey to Melbourne, Australia
Taking another example into consideration, a single one-way flight that would cost RM779.00 to Melbourne can be obtained for as cheap as RM499.00 in the month of March (unfortunately not as cheap as previous promotions). Still, this promo price price can save you RM300.00. Other promotional rates available are RM529.00 and RM599.00 (save up to RM270).
Return tickets appears to be quite limited for the month of March, and the cheapest promo price available is RM667.00. We're glad to say that this promo price is available throughout the month! The return ticket normally cost RM947.00, so you can save RM280 for your return ticket. Adding them up together, your Melbourne trip can go as low as RM1,166.00 but as high as RM1,726.00. Other combinations of flights are also available which still benefit you with a sizeable discount over the normal price.
Example 3: Return Journey to Krabi, Thailand
Taking Krabi as an example, a single one-way flight that would cost RM216.00 to Krabi can be obtained for as cheap as RM129.00 in the month of March. But this price is very limited though! The more common promo price a flight to Krabi is RM164.00. The amount of money you get to save is not as promising (probably because the ticket doesn't cost much in the first place), but you still et to save up to RM87.00!
As usual, we would assume that you want to come back form your island getaway, and the lowest return ticket available is RM175.00 (regular price is RM227.00). So your total ticket price to and back from Krabi is RM129.00+RM175.00 = RM304.00. We like the fact that the promo prices are available for most dates, so it's best to get it fast before AirAsia decides to switch things around.
Why not use the Flight Comparison tool we have on the site and see if AirAsia comes out cheapest for the dates you want to fly? Fares can fluctuate by a huge margin on a daily basis and with proper planning (such as avoiding peak periods), you could end up saving hundreds of ringgit with minimal effort on your part!


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