Best Reward Points Credit Cards for Earning Air Miles in Malaysia

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Convert your credit card reward points to air miles and Save Money on your flights and other services!

There are plenty of credit cards available in today’s market. Each bank can offer you an array of cards, from cashback credit cards where you get to swipe and spend and be awarded with cold, hard cash to endless rewards credit cards where each swipe will garner you points for redemption of goodies including air miles for free flight ticket redemptions!

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Are Reward Points Credit Cards right for you?

Whether its getting your cash back (ka-ching!) or redeeming goodies including air miles, these credit cards are only good for you if you can pay off your balance in full every month. The interest accumulated by not paying your credit card bills in full on time will result to an interest burden rather than advantage, and all your cashback and rewards will unfortunately be insignificant compared to the amount of interest you will start owing the bank.With this in mind, if you are not sure if rewards points credit cards (with the intention of converting those points to miles) are right for you, read our Which Credit Card is right for you article to find out!

Converting Points to Air Miles for ‘Free’ Flight Redemptions

Travelling via airplane is rarely considered cheap. However, there are some ways to cut some of the cost and using your Air Miles to get free tickets, an upgrade, or other services is a great way to Save Money on your travels!

Earning Air Miles was previously limited to frequent travellers earning frequent flyer miles while travelling, hoping to redeem free flights with enough paid tickets within a specified time frame. These days, even swiping your credit card at the local cinema, petrol station, or at your favourite grocery stores can get you closer to your summer vacation!


By using credit cards with rewards points given for spending! Rewards credit cards give their users ‘points’ for each purchases made. These points can then be converted into Air Miles and help you Save plenty of Money on your travels! There are quite a few cards out there that offer this privilege, and the conversion points vary among cards and airlines. So which is the most Save Money way to get Air Miles for Enrich and KrisFlyer Miles?

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