Celcom First Data Plan Review - (1) for PC/Tablets and (2) for Smartphones

Celcom has come up with Celcom First, a plan that covers all from data, WiFi and voice services. So how does the First Data plan fare compared to other networks?

Celcom First Data - Mobile Broadband Part (for PC and Tablets) 
Drawbacks : Their tablet and mobile broadband plans are pretty much the same as the old ones, so looks like a rebranding

Contract: 1-month (long term contracts with phone plans)
Additional Fees: RM150 (RM100 Registration, RM50 Refundable advance)
Plan Types :
Monthly PaymentRM48RM68RM98RM138
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Celcom has replaced their Celcom Broadband with the brand new First Data Postpaid with 4 main plans under its wing: Lite, Basic, Advance, Pro.
Unlike the Celcom First Voice mobile postpaid plan which was a complete overhaul of their service and rates, Celcom First Data looks to be just a rebranding exercise, with the same 4 plans offered in Celcom Broadband now offered with Celcom First Data.
Is First Data competitive? Well, about as competitive as the old Celcom Broadband plans were, since there is no real change (ie. not very, see our Mobile Broadband Plans in Malaysia article to see how they compare)

We don't like the tiered speed policy as well, with speed caps ranging from 700kpbs to 7.2Mbps depending on which plan you end up on, most network providers have a single tier (or at most 2 tiers) speed policy.


See whether First Data comes up in any of our top tables in the Mobile Broadband Plans in Malaysia article, or the Home Broadband Plans in Malaysia article (yes you can use a mobile broadband plan as your home internet service too!)

Wait, there's more!

Celcom First Data - Mobile Internet Plan Part (for Smartphones and Voice-enabled Tablets)
Celcom finally brings in internet quota only mobile phone plans, bringing it in line with the rest of the market.

Contract: 1-month
Plan Types :
PlansmAdvance PlusmPro Plus
Monthly PaymentRM68RM88
Data Volume3GB5GB
Inclusive Minutes/SMS (any network)
60 minutes
60 SMS
Additional Usage (All Networks)
Voice Calls20sen15sen
Video Calls30sen30sen
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Also under the Celcom First Data(we think it should be in Celcom First Voice though, as its a smartphone plan) wing is their mAdvance Plus and mPro Plus which are actually for smartphones (and voice-enabled tablets), where the monthly fee includes a large data quota (they throw in a small 60mins and 60 SMS quota) and any additional calls or SMSes are paid for.

These new plans bring Celcom in line with plans offered by Maxis (Internet Value 48/50/75), DiGi (Smart Plan 48/68/88) and U Mobile (U28/58/88).

Are they competitive? Find out in our Postpaid Plans in Malaysia Article and by using our Postpaid Plan Comparison Tool to see the best plan for your own specific usage.


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