Cheapest Apple iPhone 4S Deals - Comparison of iPhone plans in Malaysia

Sssssooo…… Your Android died on you and you’re itching to switch back to the amazing iPhone but not sure whether you can bear the long wait until the iPhone 5 comes out? Judging by Apple’s release pattern, it won’t probably come out until end of 2012. So if you can't wait, get the snappy iPhone 4S! A

UPDATED November 2012: If you were looking for an article comparing the best iPhone 5 plans, we have it for you to bookmark here. At the time of writing, all network providers are offering clearance offers of their iPhone 4S stock in anticipation of the iPhone 5. Otherwise, you can check out all our plan comparisons in the Utilities and Phones section where we review all Android and Blackberry offerings, as well as tablets (iPad and other Android tablets).

It can be hard to choose from the plans out there but if you require nothing more than an affordable plan that covers your basic iPhone needs, get an iPhone from our local Apple Store (RM1,799) or the USA (RM1,663) and go for a low monthly value plan with inclusive data (eg U Mobile, DiGi Prepaid, Tune Talk Cun).'s iPhone Plan Comparison Tool

Find out the perfect plan for your own specific needs! Our web team have created the iPhone Plan Comparison Tool (requires MS Excel) which lets you see an ordered list of plans depending on your usage! Its an extremely easy tool to use.

Analysis of Top iPhone 4S Plan Deals

We’ve basically grouped the plans into two categories that will provide you the cheapest way to own and use an iPhone 4S. Bear in mind that they will be explained in a 24-month context, to show whether are you paying more than what you’ll be using even though the device price is the cheapest when you’re tied with a certain telco for 24 months. If you wish to see prices for equivalent 12-month contracts you may use our iPhone Plan Comparison Tool.

If you’re the non-commitment type, you can always buy directly from the Apple Store for RM1,799 (16GB) and sign up for a contract-free plan. Another way is to get a relative or friend in US  to get it for you. It will cost you $549, which is roughly around RM1,663. Just make sure that you get the unlocked one, not the carrier-locked iPhone.

Category 1: Cheapest Non-contract - Pay more now but costs less in the long run

Category 2: Cheapest Contract - Pay less now but costs more in the long run

Category 1 is for those who don’t mind to fork out a big sum of money for the device and save more on monthly fees, whereas Category 2 is for those who want to own the iPhone 4S at a low subsidised price but don’t mind to pay tad extra for the monthly fees.

Category 1: Cheapest Non-contract iPhone 4S

U Mobile, Tune Talk  offer All-in-one prepaid bundles for smartphones ranging from RM18-RM38, and depending on your data usage, you can decide between the three networks.

For only RM28/month, the U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet plan offers 500MB of data, 100 minutes talk time to all networks and 30 SMS to all networks. Unused free minutes and SMS can be carried forward to the next month (up to 100 minutes and 30 SMS). There’s no maximum data usage and speed limit but the download speed will be throttled down to 64kbps after 500MB of usage.

For a post-paid plan, the U28 monthly plan will cost you RM28/monthly for 1GB data, 100 SMS to own network and 200 SMS to all networks. Voice call is 18sen/min (own network) and 20sen/min (other networks) and SMS is 5sen/SMS (own network) and 12sen/SMS (other networks). There will be no extra charges after exceeding data limit but you surf at 64kbps.

The analysis tables above don't make any assumptions on your exact usage, to find the best plan for your specific usage, please use our iPhone Plan Comparison Tool.

Category 2: Cheapest Contract iPhone 4S

ProviderPlan NameDevice PriceContract PeriodMinimum Monthly Fee24 month Cost of Ownership (inc. usage)
U MobileUMI18RM1,799.001 MonthRM18.00RM2,231.00
U MobileU28RM1,799.001 MonthRM28.00RM2,471.00
U MobileUMI28RM1,799.001 MonthRM28.00RM2,471.00
Tune TalkCun PlanRM1,799.001 MonthRM38.00RM2,711.00

DiGi’s cheapest contractual offer is the iDiGi 88 at RM60 per month, with phone costing you RM1,689 (only a RM110 discount). The minimum cost over 24 months is RM3,129.

Maxis and Celcom are offering some clearance offers for the iPhone 4S, but they are not as enticing as when the iPhone 4S came out and they were in tight prices!

DiGi are offering an iPhone 4S for a supposed RM499 with the iDiGi 138, but this is suspiciously similar in total cost of ownership to their previous promotion (which was RM1,799 but the iDiGi at RM88/month rather than RM138/month). See our review here:

Featured Cheapest Contract iPhone 4S Plans - UMI 18
Drawbacks : only valid for 30 days, only good for light users who need a little bit of data

Device: iPhone 4S 16GB
Phone Retail Price: 
Phone Cost: RM1,799
Contract Period: 1 Month
Minimum Mothly Fee : RM18
24 Month Cost of Ownership: RM2,231.00
Quota: 25 Mins, 25 SMS, 250 MB Data These may be utilized for calls to any network, anywhere in Malaysia (except for special numbers ie: 1800 numbers)
Rates: 3 sen / SMS (U Mobile to U Mobile)
8 sen / SMS (U Mobile to Other networks)
9 sen / Min  (U Mobile to all networks)
25 sen / MMS ( U Mobile to all networks)
Validity: 30 days
1.Available to U Mobile prepaid subscribers only and is not available to BlackBerry® service and U Broadband subscribers. If you are a U Broadband subscriber, your existing U Broadband service will be automatically terminated when you activate Unlimited Mobile Internet.
2.The activation fee is RM28 and will be deducted from your credit balance whether or not the activation was authorised by you. No refunds or request for credit will be entertained.
3. Before you activate, you must have a credit balance of at least RM28. After you activate, you must have at least RM0.05 in your credit balance or you will not be able to use the free SMS, voice minutes or the data service in the Plan.
4. If you exceed 250MB at any time, your data speed will be reduced to 64kbps until the Plan expires.
5. Unutilised Minutes & SMS will be carried forward (maximum of 50 minutes and 50 SMS). Any excess of minutes and SMS will be forfeited.
View the full Terms and Conditions.
Go To U Mobile
Ahoy data users, great news! U Mobile has recently introduced a cheaper variation of their Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan 28 into the market. Aimed specifically for lower data users, the UMI 18 comes with 250MB of free data bolted on with the flexibility of 25 minutes of free talk time and 25 free SMSes to all networks. Once you exceeded your 250MB quota, you can still use the internet without extra charge but download speeds will be throttled down to 64kbps.
This plan is comparable with the DiGi Postpaid Tablet Plan, the Tablet 500MB SuperSIM. Although only RM15 for 500 MB, you have to factor in the fact that the price is only valid for existing Postpaid DiGi subscribers (non subscribers have to pay RM25), does not include any free Minutes or SMSes. As such, when compared, the UMI18 makes it one of the cheapest plans in the market right now for people who want minutes,SMSes and data (albeit in small quantities).
While other prepaid plans normally burn unused talk time and SMS, the new UMI 18 plan lets you carry forward a maximum of 50 minutes of calls and 50 SMS at any one time. If you need more data and talk time, there’s always the UMI 28 which offers 500MB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 30 SMS for RM28/month.

Featured Cheapest Contract iPhone 4S Plans : U-Mobile U28
Drawback: upfront payment of RM168, reportedly poorer network coverage compared to the other big players in the market

Device: iPhone 4S 16GB
Phone Retail Price: 
U-Mobile Price: RM1,799
Minimum monthly Fee: 
Contract Period:1 month
Cost over 24-months: RM2,871
Included Minutes and SMS: 200 any network SMSes (+100 SMSes to U Mobile users)
Call Rate: 18 sen / min (U Mobile), 20 sen / min (others)
SMS Rate: 5 sen / SMS (U-Mobile), 12 sen / min (others)
MMS Rate: 20 sen / MMS (U-Mobile), 30 sen / min (others)
Included Data: 1GB
Go to U-Mobile
Inspite of having only 24-month contracts, U Mobile’s U28 has the lowest monthly contract among all the other network providers. We dislike the advanced payment of RM168 even though it is rebated over the cost of contract.


Again, the analysis tables above don't make any assumptions on your exact usage, to find the best plan for your specific usage, please use our iPhone Plan Comparison Tool.

What if I take Usage into Consideration?

The best plan will differ from person to person because of their own circumstances such as whether they want to go on a long term contract or more importantly, their usage! You can see an example of such an analysis for a 'heavy' user below.

Let’s say you use about 300mins, 200 SMS & 1GB of data every month (an 'Average" user), below are the plans vying for your consideration.

ProviderPlan NameDevice PriceContract PeriodMinimum Monthly FeeMonthly Cost (inc. Call/SMS Usage)24 month Cost of Ownership (inc. usage)
MaxisTalkMore48 + 1GB Data(New Year Promo)RM699.0024 month(s)RM96.00RM96.00RM3,192.00
DiGiiDiGi 88RM1,689.0024 month(s)RM60.00RM75.00RM3,489.00
MaxisiValue SimpleRM1,769.0012 month(s)RM50.00RM85.00RM3,809.00
DiGiiDiGi 138 promoRM499.0024 month(s)RM138.00RM138.00RM3,811.00
Tune TalkCun PlanRM1,799.001 month(s)RM38.00RM86.40RM3,872.00
DiGiDG Smart Plan 88RM1,799.001 month(s)RM88.00RM88.00RM3,911.00
U MobileU28RM1,799.001 month(s)RM28.00RM88.00RM3,911.00

Featured Cheapest contract iPhone 4S plans - Maxis TalkMore 48 Postpaid Plan + 1GB (CNY Promotion) – Top deal for ‘Average’ Users
Drawbacks : RM123 is calculated with an assumption that 50% of calls + SMS is made from Maxis to Maxis and 50% of calls+SMS is from Maxis to other telcos, on top of the RM48 fee for 1GB of data, advanced payment of RM1000 if you aren’t an existing Maxis postpaid customer for more than 1 year, there is a deposit fee of RM50

Promotion Period: 31st January 2013 to 31st March 2013
Phone Retail Price:
Phone Cost: RM888.00
Minimum monthly Fee:
Total monthly cost: RM96/month
Contract Period: 24 months
Cost over 24-months: RM3,192
Included Minutes and SMS: 400 Mins, 200 SMS to all operators
Call Rate: 10 sen / min (Maxis to Maxis) 15 sen / min (Maxis to others)
SMS Rate: 10 sen / min (Maxis to Maxis) 15 sen / min (Maxis to others)
MMS Rate: 25 sen / MMS (Maxis to Maxis) 50 sen / MMS ( Maxis to others)
Included Data: 1GB
Go To Maxis
First of all, this plan comes with a bundle consisting of 400 minutes worth of talk time and 200 SMSes. 400mins + 200 SMS actually costs around RM80 month (assuming you were on the Value Plus 50 and you made 50% Maxis to Maxis calls/SMS and 50% Maxis to other networks), but you only have to pay RM48 a month with this plan. This puts it among the top postpaid plans in the market for ‘Average’ users (that is, people who use around 300 minutes and 200 SMS a month). Another perk is that as soon as your bill hits RM110 (credit limit is RM150), calls and SMS to any Maxis number will be charged at only RM0.05 per minute / SMS, which makes it similar to the high commitment plans offered by Maxis.
The drawbacks? The data plans that come along with this bundle are either 1GB or 3GB. As a result, low internet users will not be able to choose the 100MB-500MB packages for this promotion. The addition of the 1GB data plan increases the overall package price to RM96/month.
The TalkMore 48 plan itself is actually comparable to the DiGi Postpaid Plus 48 simply because Maxis’s TalkMore 48 comes with an extra 200 minutes of talktime (DiGi 48 offers 200 mins + 200 SMS per month), even if you take the auto-billing into account.


To discover the best plans for your own average personal usage, you may use our iPhone Plan Comparison Tool.

Any Other Option to Save More? (iPhone 4!)

Actually there is, provided that you don’t mind settling for the older iPhone 4. Except for the internal speed and software upgrade in the iPhone 4S, you can barely notice the physical difference. It’s also available in black and white.

Currently you can only get the iPhone 4 (8GB) on a contract from Maxis. Maxis’ subsidised phone price is RM699 when you opt for the TalkMore28 + 1GB with 24-month contract.

Alternatively, you can buy directly from Apple Store at RM1,799 and use it with any plan from Category 1.

ProviderPlan NameDevice NameDevice PriceContract PeriodMinimum Monthly Fee24 month Cost of Ownership
U MobileUMI18Apple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,449.001 month(s)RM18.00RM1,881.00
U MobileUMI28Apple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,449.001 month(s)RM28.00RM2,121.00
U MobileU28Apple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,449.001 month(s)RM28.00RM2,121.00
Tune TalkCun PlanApple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,449.001 month(s)RM38.00RM2,361.00
MaxisiValue SimpleApple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,239.0012 month(s)RM50.00RM2,439.00
DiGiDG 48 PlusApple iPhone 4 8GBRM1,449.001 month(s)RM43.00RM2,481.00

If you don’t use much data at all you but desperately want an iPhone but you can sure try getting the device and using it with a basic voice and SMS plan and utilise WiFi whenever you need Internet. Apple iPhones itself are priced among the highest of smartphones, if you simply want a smartphone with Internet and apps, there are many cheaper alternatives!

Before committing to any plan, find out if the coverage and performance is good enough in your usual places, e.g. home, office, favourite coffee shop/mamak by asking friends or trying the prepaid line.

We do not vouch for any telco’s customer service as we just look for the cheapest deal out there for you to Save Money but do check out our forum to see what other people are saying!

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