Cheapest Apple iPhone 4S Deals – Comparison of iPhone plans in Malaysia

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Sssssooo…… Your Android died on you and you’re itching to switch back to the amazing iPhone but not sure whether you can bear the long wait until the iPhone 5 comes out? Judging by Apple’s release pattern, it won’t probably come out until end of 2012. So if you can’t wait, get the snappy iPhone 4S! A

UPDATED November 2012: If you were looking for an article comparing the best iPhone 5 plans, we have it for you to bookmark here. At the time of writing, all network providers are offering clearance offers of their iPhone 4S stock in anticipation of the iPhone 5. Otherwise, you can check out all our plan comparisons in the Utilities and Phones section where we review all Android and Blackberry offerings, as well as tablets (iPad and other Android tablets).

It can be hard to choose from the plans out there but if you require nothing more than an affordable plan that covers your basic iPhone needs, get an iPhone from our local Apple Store (RM1,799) or the USA (RM1,663) and go for a low monthly value plan with inclusive data (eg U Mobile, DiGi Prepaid, Tune Talk Cun).’s iPhone Plan Comparison Tool

Find out the perfect plan for your own specific needs! Our web team have created the iPhone Plan Comparison Tool (requires MS Excel) which lets you see an ordered list of plans depending on your usage! Its an extremely easy tool to use.

Analysis of Top iPhone 4S Plan Deals

We’ve basically grouped the plans into two categories that will provide you the cheapest way to own and use an iPhone 4S. Bear in mind that they will be explained in a 24-month context, to show whether are you paying more than what you’ll be using even though the device price is the cheapest when you’re tied with a certain telco for 24 months. If you wish to see prices for equivalent 12-month contracts you may use our iPhone Plan Comparison Tool.

If you’re the non-commitment type, you can always buy directly from the Apple Store for RM1,799 (16GB) and sign up for a contract-free plan. Another way is to get a relative or friend in US  to get it for you. It will cost you $549, which is roughly around RM1,663. Just make sure that you get the unlocked one, not the carrier-locked iPhone.

Category 1: Cheapest Non-contract - Pay more now but costs less in the long run

Category 2: Cheapest Contract - Pay less now but costs more in the long run

Category 1 is for those who don’t mind to fork out a big sum of money for the device and save more on monthly fees, whereas Category 2 is for those who want to own the iPhone 4S at a low subsidised price but don’t mind to pay tad extra for the monthly fees.

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