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Those who are always on the go know that you can’t keep hitting up fast food joints for WiFi. Sure, it comes for free, and we can’t deny that that’s a big plus. But you still have to pay for your order and compromise your waistline. And the only thing less reliable than mobile broadband is public WiFi. Not only will you suffer from slow shared speed, you’re putting personal information at risk too.

Mobile broadband may not boast a generous bandwidth quota and consistent speed and coverage, but it’s certainly convenient for instant internet access on the go. But hey, if the provided GBs and Mbps are enough for you, then why not? If you’re clueless about MBs, kbps and GBs, check out our “Internet Download Speed vs. Download Quota – Seperating the MBs from the Mbps” article to determine what you need.

If you’re actually looking for a comparison of Malaysia’s home broadband plans, read our “Cheapest Home Broadband Plans – Comparison of Malaysia’s providers” article to get the best home broadband for your needs!

If you are planning to stop lugging that heavy laptop around and replace it with an iPad, then read our “iPad Plans – Comparison of Plans Available for Your iPad” article.

Should I get a Mobile Broadband Plan?

If you are using either an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smartphone with an internet data plan (i.e. a 3G mobile internet plan), then maybe additional mobile broadband is not really necessary for you.

Most smartphones (in the last 2 years) have an inbuilt software that enables Tethering: the process of using your smartphone as a modem so that a personal computer can connect to the internet. All you need is a laptop with a USB port (pretty much all laptops have at least one USB port), connect your smartphone, and voila! You can start surfing with ease. But for tablet users or those without a USB port, don’t worry! You can also tether via a feature called Mobile Hotspot where tethering is done via your smartphone’s WiFi connection, which any devices which are WiFi-enabled can connect to.

However, tethering or mobile hotspots have their drawbacks:

  • Internet Data Quota - When you surf the internet via tethering, you are actually using your mobile internet data quota, so make sure that you have enough quota for both devices, and don’t end up paying extra charges for data used after you’ve exceeded your limit.
  • Battery life - Tethering drains your smartphone battery significantly, so if you use your smartphone to make multiple business calls daily or you value your battery life, either have chargers handy or consider getting an iPad plan.

For iPhone users, look here  to see whether your iPhone can be used as a modem. For Blackberry users, you have to upgrade to 7.1 OS to enable mobile hotspot, or click here to connect via USB. And if you are using Android 2.2 software or higher in your Android smartphone, then you should be able to tether your mobile to your laptop! (if you know any other way to tether, let us know on our forum!).

If you want to have internet on the go, and are happy using your smartphone as a 3G modem, make sure you are on the right plan by checking out our Mobile Postpaid Plans Article.

I don’t want to Tether, Mobile Broadband is For Me!

The mobile broadband segment has gotten quite competitive in recent years, and there are plenty of plans that cater to new users on the market right now, with the lowest quota typically being about 1.5GB. Here’s what you can do with 1.5GB of data:

  • Visit 3,000 webpages (assuming one webpage is 500KB) or
  • Download 15,000 emails without attachments (standard HTML, 10-20KB each) or
  • Download 375 MP3s or
  • Watch 30 HD videos (2mins each)

Sounds enticing? Then keep on reading to choose the right (and the most plan for you! We have categorised all the plans out there into Cheapest Contract and Cheapest Non-Contract. In order to show you how much you’re actually paying at the end of the day, the total cost for each plan is calculated in a 24-month context.

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