Citibank 30% Cashback Every Week on Dining, Groceries, and Anything Else (ends 7 December 2012)

Citibank 30% Cashback Every Week - Get 30% cashback (up to RM100) on dining, gorceries, and anything else (ends 7 December 2012)
Drawbacks : Specific spending type to qualify for cashback; Promotion ends 7 December 2012, Cashback is first-come-first-served-basis

Promotion :  Get 30% weekly cashback on spending of RM100 and above on a single receipt for each dining, groceries, and retail transactions category. 
Eligible Cards : All Citibank Credit Cards
Paid Out : Weekly
Max Cashback : RM100 Weekly
Terms & Conditions :
  1. To participate in the promotion, cardholders must enroll here, or SMS WEEKLY1<space>16-digit credit card number to 66399
  2. Groceries - Giant, Cold Storage, Mercato, Jasons Food Hall, Aeon, Tesco, Carrefour, Mydin, Econsave, The Store/ Pacific, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Billion, NSK, Servay, 99 Speedmart, and Everrise in Malaysia
  3. Dining - Includes restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, nightclubs, taverns, fast food , confectionary stores, dairy product stores, bakeries, caterers, and miscellaneous food stores. Transaction made at hotels which do not fall under the above list is not included.
  4. Retail - Any retail transactions except the transactions above, installments paid under EPP, auto-billing, cancelled or refunded transactions, GST or other tax, Citibank membership fee, among others.
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Citibank have come up with a rather interesting cashback promotion for their cardholders: 30% weekly cashback for grocery, dining, and anything else! But first things first, to become eligible for this promotion, each cardholder must either enroll here, or send an SMS to Citibank (check the terms & conditions for full SMS!). This promotion is run on a weekly cycle (8 weekly cycles in total) starting 13th October 2012, and each cycle starts on Saturday and ends on Friday of every week.
This promotion is great only for people who have a specific spending pattern, that is, spend at least RM100 on Dining, Groceries and other Retail purchases each in a given week. Because of the specificity, going below RM100 (on your receipt) on any one category will render you ineligible for cashback!
So what do you do after registering? Like all cashback promotions, you have to spend first of course! In the span of one week, cardholders must spend at least RM100 in a single transaction in all three categories (groceries, dining, and any retails purchase).

Here comes the big drawback though (other than the specificity of spending), this cashback is based on a first-come-first-served-basis (RM125,000 cashback is allocated for the whole campaign each week) so if you're late, you WON'T get the cashback. So if you're interested in this cashback, the best thing to do is to organize your grocery, shopping and family dining activity on Saturday (the start of the weekly cashback cycle) to ensure that you'll maximise your chances of getting the cashback. Another drawback : The maximum weekly maximum cashback is RM100 per cardholder. So how do you calculate your cashback? Say if you spend RM100 on each category :

Dining : RM110
Grocery : RM100
Other Transactions : RM100
Cashback : (RM110 + RM100 + RM100) x 30% = RM93  


Promotion over or too confusing for you? We think cashback cards should be a lot simpler than that, for this, you can check out our Cashback Credit Cards in Malaysia.


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