Malindo Air - Book Now, Travel Now, Flexi Options Promotion Review


Malindo Air - Book Now, Travel Now, Flexi Options Promotion Review
Drawbacks : Travelling period is until the 31st of July 2013 only

Booking Period : Not specified.
Travelling Period : Now until 31st July 2013
1. Any changes will be charged a penalty or fee based on the flight. (It is advisable to call the call center Malindo Air or visit their website.)
2. All prices are displayed including surcharges and airport taxes.
3. Terms and conditions apply.

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Home sweet home! Sometimes, planning for a "balik kampung" trip can be tough - which could lead to last minute bookings. Those who are familiar with this procedure should know that most airlines are notorious for spiking up prices for last minute bookings (pesky airlines!), but Malindo Air's latest promotion might just offer you a quick fix! Their latest promotion is called the "Book Now, Travel Now, Flexi Options" promotion, and it looks like Malindo Air is focusing on travellers who are looking to travel on a short notice. Even so, this promotion is only valid for flights to Penang, Johor Bahru, and Kota Bharu.
1. Return journey from Subang to Penang
If you have a sudden craving for Nasi Kandar, then Pulau Pinang is the "X" on your map! For this promotion, the lowest ticket price that you can grab for a one-way flight to Penang is at RM39.00. Pretty cheap, but due to the very limited dates, we think that you have a better chance at grabbing the next promotional price (RM49.00). These prices are up for grabs starting from 24th June 2013 onwards. Normally, it would cost you RM159.00!, so you'll save a whopping RM110.00. Once you have satisfied your Nasi Kandar-Rojak-Asam Laksa craving roaster, you can fly back to KL for RM89.00 (normal price is RM159.00 - save RM70.00!). So how much do you need to fly to Penang and back? RM49.00 + RM89.00 = RM138.00 (56.60% discount).
2. Return journey from Subang to Johor Bahru 

You too can fly down south to Johor for only RM39.00. However, this price has been proven (by us!) to be very difficult to find, and the next "cheapest" price is marked at RM89.00 - Sadly not as low as we hoped it would be. Flyers, these low prices can only be found from the 5th of July 2013 onwards so take note! The flight price is usually marked at RM159.00, so you get to save RM70.00 for your one-way trip to Johor! For your return ticket, the cheapest ticket that we could find is at RM89.00 (normally priced at RM159.00 - so you get to save RM70.00). In summary, your total price to Johor Bahru could be as low as RM178.00. If compared to the original total price of RM318.00, you get to enjoy a 44% discount. 
3. Return journey from Subang to Kota Bharu
Malindo advertised a very low price of RM59.00 for a one-way flight to Kota Bharu, but the lowest price that we can find is at RM69.00. But not to worry, you will stil get to enjoy a savings worth RM110.00 for your one-way flight to Kelantan (normal price : RM179.00). But remember, this promo price is only available from the 3rd of July 2013 onwards. Similarly, you could fly back to KL for only RM69.00, which gives you the same savings of RM110.00! So how much will your total cost be? RM69.00 + RM69.00 = RM138.00. Normally, the total cost adds up to RM358.00. In conclusion, this promotion gives you a total discount of 61.45%.
If you can’t find the promotion price for the dates that you wanted, why not use the Flight Comparison tool we have on the site and see which flight comes out cheapest for the dates you want to fly? Fares can fluctuate by a huge margin on a daily basis and with proper planning (such as avoiding peak periods), you could end up saving hundreds of ringgit with minimal effort on your part!

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