Maxis One Club : RM999 Samsung Galaxy Note II - 24-month Plan Maxis TalkMore78 + Monthly 3GB Pass

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 24-Month Plan : Maxis One Club : Maxis TalkMore78 + Monthly 3GB Pass
Lowest phone price at RM999, but RM146/month plan cost; Only a top plan for heavy users (about 500 mins + 500 SMS a month)

Phone Cost : RM999
Contract Period: 24 months
Minimum Monthly Fee: RM146 / month
Minimum Cost over 24-months: RM4,503
Included Data: 3
Call-SMS: RM78 for 600 x-net mins and 500 x-net SMS
Rates after quota used up:
Calls: 8 sen / min (Maxis), 15 sen / min (others)
SMS: 8 sen / SMS (Maxis), 15 sen / min (others)
MMS : 25 sen / MMS (Maxis), 50 sen / min (others)
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Maxis is now offering the lowest phone cost contract in the market at RM999, but you will have to take their TalkMore78 + 3GB data plan for 24 months, this gives you a minimum RM4,503 cost over the 24 months, so you will not save money in the long term if you are an average user, this plan is designed for a heavier user (more than 500 minutes + 500 SMS a month).
Maxis states that its only for their Maxis One Club members, (people who pay above RM150/month across all plans in the account) but seeing as this club has just started, as a membership growing initiative, even if you are ineligible to join as a member, this promotion is extended to the wider public. Check with Maxis if you are able to join the Maxis One Club in order to benefit from this promotion.
We also still dislike Maxis' split pricing policy on own network and other networks, all other networks are moving towards a single pricing policy where you get the same rates to all networks. Having said that, at least the first 600mins and 500 SMSes are X-net, so no complaints there.

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