Maxis Samsung Galaxy S3 for RM599 on TalkMore48 + 1GB - Promotion Review - April 2013

samsung galaxy S3 RM599

Promotion Review: Maxis Samsung Galaxy S3 for RM599 on TalkMore48 + 1GB data (RM96/month) - April 2013
Drawbacks: Contract period is for 24 months; advanced payment may be required.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Phone Retail Price: RM1,699.00 (as of March 2013)
Phone Price with Plan: RM599.00
Contract Period: 24 months
Plan + Quota: TalkMore48 (400 minutes + 200 SMSes) + 1GB data for RM96 / month
Call Rate:
10 sen / min (Maxis to Maxis), 15 sen / min (Maxis to others)
SMS Rate:
10 sen / SMS (Maxis to Maxis), 15 sen / SMS (Maxis to others)
MMS Rate:
25 sen / MMS (Msxis to Maxis), 50 sen / MMS (Maxis to others)
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Ahead of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (expected in late April 2013), Maxis had offered the Galaxy S3 for RM799 with a RM96 / month 12-month contract. That deal unfortunately ended in March, but if you missed out, here's some good news for you: Maxis now offers the same plan of RM96 / month, with a further-reduced phone price. How much is the phone now? RM599! What's the deal with the extra RM200 off? Well, you have to commit to them for 24-months instead of 12.
Interested? Let's check out the details of this promotion. As mentioned, the phone will only cost you RM599.00, but you will be locked into a contract for 24 months (whereas the previous promotion was only for 12 months), at RM96 / month. This gets you the TalkMore48 + 1GB Mobile Internet plan, which allows you 400 minutes of free talk time and 200 free SMSes per month, and you only start paying extra when you exceed your quota. Check out our full review of the Maxis TalkMore 48 plan here.
In March 2013, the listed RRP for Samsung Galaxy S3 was RM1,699.00 which means that you can actually get a RM1,100 discount for the phone with this promotion. The one drawback is that if you are not currently a Maxis subscriber, or if you have not been with them for a full year, there is an advanced payment of RM1,000.00 on top of the phone cost, though this will be credited to your monthly bill over a 5-month period. If you are really interested in this deal, hurry up as there is a risk that Maxis will decide to end it unannounced, which is what happened with the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 promotion.
There isn't much information online (we think they haven't updated their site yet, for now only the Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 4 is on the website), but you will probably see it coming in soon.

UPDATE: Maxis has updated their website with this promotion but for some reason the Samsung Galaxys S3 promotion comes on and off whenever we refresh, so we've taken the liberty of a screenshot for your benefit here.

20130404 maxis s3

Promotion over? For a complete review of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 plans, check out our article here. You can also compare and find the cheapest plan that suits your needs with our FREE Samsung Galaxy S3 Plan Comparison Tool.

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