RHB Credit Card RM150 Cash Back Promotion (ends 17th August 2013)

 RHB Credit Card RM150 Cash Back Campaign

 RHB Credit Card RM150 Cash Back Promotion (ends 17th August 2013) - Apply for a New RHB Credit Card, receive RM150 Cash Back upon first swipe of minimum RM100
Drawbacks: Only for new-to-bank approved principal card holders only, applicants are entitled for once cash back only, even if they sign up for two credit cards.

Promotion End Date: 17th August 2013
Eligible Cards:
a) RHB Infinite Credit Card
b) RHB Platinum Credit Card
c) RHB Platinum-i Credit Card
d) RHB Gold Credit Card
e) RHB Gold-i Credit Card
f) RHB EVO Credit Card
g) RHB Travel Money Credit Card
h) TESCO-RHB Credit Card
 Maximum Cash Back : RM150 (one time only)
Paid Out : Within 6-10 weeks after the end of the Qualifying Period.
Eligibility :
1. Malaysian residents only.
2. RHB New-To-Bank Approved Credit Card application is successfully approved on or before 17 August 2013;
3. Principal cardmember within 45 days after the approval date (“Qualifying Period”) makes the first retail transaction with minimum RM100 using his/her successfully approved RHB Principal Credit Card, will receive RM150 Cash Back.

For full Terms and Conditions, click here.

RHB Cash Back Promotion is here again for a wide selection of their Credit Cards. Apply for one of the RHB Credit Cards listed above, swipe it with a minimum of RM100 for the first swipe transaction within 45 days card approval and earn up to RM150 in cash back!

Do note that this promotion pertains towards Principal Card Members only, and not Supplementary Card Members. Also, be aware that if you choose to apply for two credit cards for whatever reason, you’ll only be eligible for one cash back to whichever RHB credit card that meets the minimum swipe requirement first.

Example 1:
Mr A applies EVO and Platinum Credit Card and received card on 1 June 2013
He spent RM 68 on Platinum Card on 15 June 2013
He spent RM 200 on EVO Card on 20 June 2013
Mr. A will get RM 150 Cash Back for EVO card as his EVO Credit Card met RM100 on his first
spend first.

Example 2:
Mr B applies Infinite and Platinum Credit Card and received card on 1 June 2013
He spent RM 600 on Platinum card on 10 June 2013
He spent RM 1,200 on Infinite card on 15 June 2013
Mr B will get RM150 Cash Back for Platinum Credit Card as his Platinum Card achieves RM100
first spend first.

The big drawback for this promotion is that the cashback is only for new-to-bank approved principal card holders only. Just so you know, the cashback will be charged back to you if card is cancelled within 6 months from card approval in case you want to apply for the sake of the cashback. Please refer below for the annual fee before applying for one.

Card Type
Cash Back (RM)
Annual Waiver
PrincipleSupplementaryAutomatic Fee Waiver’s criteria (for
subsequent years)
EVO, Travel
Money, Tesco,
Gold, Gold-
1501 year2 yearsPrincipal: Min 12 X spend transaction p.a.
Supplementary: Min 6X spend transactions p.a.
1501 year2 yearsTotal min spend of RM36kp.a
Infinite1501 year2 yearsTotal min spend of RM100kp.a.

To know more about cash back credit cards (and to find out what’s the best cashback credit card in the market), head on to our “Best Cashback Credit Cards in Malaysia” guide!



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