Save Money Tips 11th May 2012


Cheapest Flights from Malaysia - Using Flight Comparison Websites to Save Money

Flying off somewhere? Before you head on straight to the airline's website to book your flight, compare prices of each major airline first, without the hassle of filling in your flight details over and over again!

full guide as well as a flight price comparison tool!


Cinema deals - How to Save Money while at the Movies!

Are you a movie buff? Whether you go to the movies regularly or just once in a while, we have the perfect guide for you!

All major cinemas in Malaysia covered! Why not grab some free tickets and discounts from Credit Cards and Memberships while you're at it!

Read Full Guide


Malaysian Home Broadband Plans - To Fibre or not to Fibre?

All Malaysia's top players compared. Whether you are in a Fibre-to-the-Home ready area or not, we have compared prices and long term costs for your benefit!

Read Full Gude


Postpaid Plan Calculator! - Find the best plan for your usage!

Our web team has done it again! Now instead of asking yourself 'am I a light, medium or heavy user?' you can let our tool pick out the best plan for you!

See Postpaid Plan Tool here
See our full Mobile Postpaid Guide


Income Tax Filing date Reminder! 15th May 2012

Have you filed your taxes yet? Deadline for filing AND payment is on the 15th of May 2012!

Need some last minute tips to reduce your tax bill? Read our Full Guide here.

See Tax Calculator 2012.


What is is an online consumer finance advice magazine, the first of its kind in Malaysia with the sole purpose of saving you money on anything by finding the best deals on banking and lifestyle products and loopholes in the consumer market.

Companies in Malaysia such as the big bad Banks, MNCs, GLCs, Retailers, Franchises and Supermarkets spend RM billions (!) on media advertising, branding, product placement, staff training so that they can sell YOU products and services which make the most money for THEM.

Finally, now there is way for consumers to FIGHT BACK. By detailed journalistic research as well as clever tech-y tools and calculators, an average person in Malaysia can earn (by Saving Money!) RM1,000s and sometimes even RM10,000s a year!

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