Subway Breakfast + Free Coffee at RM6.30 - Start your day with Subway


Subway Breakfast + Coffee at RM6.30
Drawbacks : Limited time offer, Available until 11am only

Promotion : Subway Breakfast + Coffee at RM6.30 
Promotion Period : 
Limited Time (No exact date) 
Terms & Conditions : 
  1. Promo good with only one 6'' breakfast sandwich
  2. Available until 11am Daily
  3. Not good with other offers and discounts
  4. Available in all 11 Malaysia Subway outlets


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If you're in a hurry and don't quite have the time to grab / make your own breakfast, you can try having it at Subway. At RM6.30, you'll get a 6'' breakfast sandwich (with eggs, veggies of your choice among other ingredients) plus a cup of coffee to complete your breakfast set. The cup of coffee normally costs RM3, so you're getting something worth RM9.30 for RM6.30 (something like a 30% discount)

This breakfast set is available until 11am daily, so you can actually have a Subway 6" as your breakfast or brunch (or both)! However, this breakfast is for a limited time only, but Subway don't specify the end date though, so it could be  a permanent part of their new menu.


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