Touch 'n Go - Auto-Reload Credit Cards Guide

Frequently use your Touch 'n Go card for tolls on the road and get irritated when you run low on credit? There are some credit cards in Malaysia which combine the contactless Touch 'n Go technology with an auto-reload feature which allows the card to charge your credit account everytime your card balance falls below a certain limit.

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Manually Reloading Your Touch 'n Go Card

Each Touch 'n Go card can be loaded with a certain amount of credit, say RM100, and that credit is deducted with the relevant toll / parking / etc. charges every time you use the card. You can load your Touch 'n Go card with a maximum of RM1,500 at any given time.

Without an auto-reload feature, a Touch 'n Go card user will typically have to reload more credit manually by going to one of the following places (some with a reload fee, take note):

Reload Locations throughout MalaysiaReload Service Fee
Public transports (LRT/KTM Komuter)RM0
Touch 'n Go SPOT at Petrol StationsRM0
CIMB Bank ATMs (users must have an ATM account)RM0
Bank ATMs (users must have an ATM account)RM0.50
Bank CDMs (open to all customers)RM0.50
Third party agentsRM0.50
Petrol StationsRM0.50

Why do banks other than CIMB Bank have a service charge for reloading at their ATMs?

Probably because CIMB Bank owns a majority stake (52% if we're not mistaken) in Touch 'n Go Sdn. Bhd., the company which provides the infrastructure for Touch 'n Go systems in Malaysia.

Touch 'n Go Credit Cards with Auto-Reload Feature (to some banks, Zing)

For those who don't want to find somewhere to reload everytime their Touch 'n Go credit runs low, some banks have started offering auto-reload features on Touch 'n Go credit and debit cards issued by those banks. The main issue with any of those cards are that you either have to pay standard credit card GSTs of RM50 per year or ridiculous reload fees of between RM0.50 - RM2.00, and sometimes both! Unfortunately the way here is not to use a card with an Auto-Reload feature, and to top up when you get near a location with free reload fees.

Still, if you feel that the hassle of finding somewhere to reload everytime you run low is worth that extra charge, we'll do our best and compare what's available out there.

At the time of writing, 7 banks offer a card with an auto-reload feature, and these banks are CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Affin Bank, MBF, Maybank, AEON Credit Services, and Bank Simpanan Nasional.

Out of these 7 cards, CIMB Touch 'n Go (with their no-reload fees) and Hong Leong Touch 'n Go Zing Debit (with no GST) gets the highlight from us!

Don't use or reload Touch 'n Go often?

If you don't use or reload the Touch 'n Go card often, yet still want the convenience of the auto-reload feature, the Hong Leong Touch n' Go card may be the right one for you :

Hong Leong Touch 'n Go Zing Debit Card - No GST makes it a winner for infrequent reloaders
Drawbacks : Fee of RM0.50 per auto-reload, must maintain RM100 minimum balance in bank account 

Issuance Fee : RM10 per card
Renewal Fee : RM10 per card
Reload Fee : RM0.50 per auto-reload
Automatic Reload Amount : RM50 (unless changed by the bank)
Card Issuer: Visa
Service Tax: None!
Other Fees : RM10 for card replacement, RM5 Refund Processing Fees, RM5 Maintenance Fee for utilised card of 24 months
Additional Privileges : Pre-loaded with RM50
Go To Hong Leong
The Hong Leong Touch 'n Go Zing Debit Card is the card to go for those who do not use or reload their cards often as there is no RM50 GST charge compared to the other cards in the market. As long as your reload frequency is less than 100 times a year, the total reload costs will be less than the RM50 GST which you will need to pay for the CIMB and other Touch n' Go cards in the market.
You must be an existing Hong Leong Debit Cardholder with a Current or Saving account. A minimum balance of RM100 must be maintained in the account as that amount will be earmarked by the bank. If the balance falls below the RM100 mark, the auto-reload function will be disabled.

If you reload a lot, and we really mean a lot (ie 100 times a year!) then the CIMB Touch 'n Go Visa Gold would probably be a better one to go for, as the free reloads make up for the RM50 GST.

CIMB Touch 'n Go Visa Gold / Platinum Card - No Registration or Reload Fees 
Drawbacks : Finance charges are 15%, 17%, or 18%, RM50 Government Service Tax charge still applies

Minimum Income :
Gold - RM24,000
Platinum - RM48,000
Annual Fee : Waived for life
Subscription Fee : None
Reload Fee : None
Automatic Reload Amount : RM100, RM200, RM300
Rate: 15-18% p.a. (should not matter if card used properly!)
Card Issuer: Visa
Service Tax: RM50 (can pay with points)
Other Fees : RM10 (1st time) and RM50 (subsequent) - Card replacement, RM5 Refund Processing Fees
Additional Privileges : RM20 cashback to newly approved cardmembers if card is used in the first 30 days, other dining and retail CIMB privileges.
The CIMB Touch 'n Go Visa Gold or Platinum Cardis definitely the top card for Touch 'n Go users! This is mainly because of the waived annual fee, no subscription fee, and no auto reload fees (yay!). So if you're looking for a convenient and Save Money way to reload your TnG card, then this card could definitely suit you.

Another plus is that first time users gets RM20 cashback, but to get this cashback, a purchase must be made using this card in the first 30 days upon approval. Although the 'no reload fees' might excite you, be mindful that there are other charges ; The usual annual RM50 service tax, card replacement fee, refund processing fee, and of course the monthly credit card interest rates.

Other credit cards have a both the GST AND RM2 reload fee which we're not very keen on! Take a look below :

Reload Fee
Automatic TnG Reload Amount
Other Charges
Other Benefits
Hong Leong Touch 'n Go Zing CardRM2.00RM100.00N/AWaived RM50.00 GST , Waived Annual Fee
Maybankard Touch 'n Go Zing CardRM2.00RM100.00RM10.00 Subscription FeeWaived annual fee
AFFINBANK Touch 'n Go Mastercard RM2.00RM100.00N/AWaived annual fee
BSN Zing PLUSMiles CardRM2.00RM100.00N/AWaived annual fee
MBF Touch 'n Go Zing CardRM2.00RM100.00N/AWaived annual fee
Aeon Touch 'n Go Zing CardRM2.00RM100.00N/AWaived annual fee
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