U Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan UMI18 at RM18/month for 250MB of Data, 25 Minutes and 25 SMSes

U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan - UMI 18/ at RM18 for 250MB Data, 25 Minutes and 25 SMSes
Drawbacks : only valid for 30 days, only good for light users who need a little bit of data

Package: UMI 18
Price: RM18 / month
Quota: 25 Mins, 25 SMS, 250 MB Data
These may be utilized for calls to any network, anywhere in Malaysia (except for special numbers ie: 1800 numbers)
Rates: 3 sen / SMS (U Mobile to U Mobile)
8 sen / SMS (U Mobile to Other networks)
9 sen / Min  (U Mobile to all networks)
25 sen / MMS ( U Mobile to all networks)
Validity: 30 days
1.Available to U Mobile prepaid subscribers only and is not available to BlackBerry® service and U Broadband subscribers. If you are a U Broadband subscriber, your existing U Broadband service will be automatically terminated when you activate Unlimited Mobile Internet.
2.The activation fee is RM28 and will be deducted from your credit balance whether or not the activation was authorised by you. No refunds or request for credit will be entertained.
3. Before you activate, you must have a credit balance of at least RM28. After you activate, you must have at least RM0.05 in your credit balance or you will not be able to use the free SMS, voice minutes or the data service in the Plan.
4. If you exceed 250MB at any time, your data speed will be reduced to 64kbps until the Plan expires.
5. Unutilised Minutes & SMS will be carried forward (maximum of 50 minutes and 50 SMS). Any excess of minutes and SMS will be forfeited.
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Ahoy data users, great news! U Mobile has recently introduced a cheaper variation of their Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan 28 into the market. Aimed specifically for lower data users, the UMI 18 comes with 250MB of free data bolted on with the flexibility of 25 minutes of free talk time and 25 free SMSes to all networks. Once you exceeded your 250MB quota, you can still use the internet without extra charge but download speeds will be throttled down to 64kbps.
This plan is comparable with the DiGi Postpaid Tablet Plan, the Tablet 500MB SuperSIM. Although only RM15 for 500 MB, you have to factor in the fact that the price is only valid for existing Postpaid DiGi subscribers (non subscribers have to pay RM25), does not include any free Minutes or SMSes. As such, when compared, the UMI18 makes it one of the cheapest plans in the market right now for people who want minutes,SMSes and data (albeit in small quantities).
While other prepaid plans normally burn unused talk time and SMS, the new UMI 18 plan lets you carry forward a maximum of 50 minutes of calls and 50 SMS at any one time. If you need more data and talk time, there’s always the UMI 28 which offers 500MB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 30 SMS for RM28/month.


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