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The Unexpected Expenses of Young Adulthood

Some may define true-blue adulthood as the ability to finance oneself fully. Once we have made it to this very exciting and independent phase of our lives, there are expected expenses we can anticipate: rent for the place we’re shacking up in; petrol for the car we’re driving; three square meals a day etc.

Non-Monetary Investments Fresh Grads Should Make

Graduates venturing into the job-market, juggling between various work-life commitments, will often find themselves dazzled by the enticing lure of spending half of their income or pay-check on a Big Night Out; or more sombrely on paying off various debts (car loans, rentals, etc).

Malaysian Pay TV Packages Compared

The landscape of pay TV in Malaysia has changed drastically in the last couple of years. The entry of two new pay TV services introduced a slew of choice for local consumers and challenged the industry once dominated by a single pay TV provider.

How to Make Money Off Your Postpaid

You’re probably reading this title and wondering what we’re on about. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you loan your phone to friends to make paid calls ala a mobile phonebooth.

How To Know If You Need a New Budget For 2016

A fresh new year is a chance to start over. It’s the best time to pick up new habits, commit to a new set of resolutions, or start a new hobby. But does your budget also have to be a new one?

7 Foods That Keep You Full Longer

If you happen to be reading this now, you probably clicked the link out of intrigue about the idea of staying full longer. Perhaps this urge is fuelled for diet or cost cutting reasons. If the former, you probably don’t want the full bowl of rice that will surely keep you full, so we kept this list pretty much carb free. Of course, if you do want to simply save money – then throw in some bread or rice to keep you stuffed for longer.

This Just In: We’ve Spent Too Much Money Saving Matt Damon

Matt Damon is known for constantly playing characters in need of rescue. It’s really quite astonishing when you think about the excessive effort and time it takes to save this dude from danger over and over. But we’re less interested in energy, and more interested in funds. Specifically, how much money did it take to save Matt Damon?


How Some Resolutions Could Make You Broke

Kicking off the New Year with a clean financial slate is great, but breaking resolutions that involve big or small money just isn’t and can end up costing you more than you bargained.

Is it Healthier and Cheaper to Make Your Own Cat Food?

We’ve shared with you before on how inexpensive and healthier it is to make your own food. But what about the food for our cats? How hard can it be to make your own cat food? And if it is really easier, should cat owners start cooking up cuisine for their kitties? The answers to these questions aren’t as straightforward as you may think.

5 Things Worth Buying at IKEA

IKEA is a popular place to shop for your home if the crowds on weekends are anything to go by. But as with any store, not everything in the store may be as good a buy as you think.

Expenses to Prepare For When Moving Into a New Home

Did you just buy a home? Good for you! Whilst the buying or renting is a great first step – it’s important to remember that it is just that: The first step. Keeping a home requires quite a lot more than a downpayment as you’ll soon find out as King of your own Castle.

How to Fail-Proof Your Resolutions For the New Year

Resolutions are historically prone to fail. Admit it. Fitness executives will be the first to tell you that traffic at gyms pick up typically in January when everyone is in a frenzy to ‘get fit for the new year’ only to taper off in March when they’ve fallen off the bandwagon… and landed on a donut.

Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With Your Old Smart Devices

Did you get shiny new gadgets for Christmas? Or maybe you used the end-of-year holidays to balik kampung and you gifted your loved ones with the latest upgrades to their dying old devices? Whichever the case, what you have in your hands now is a number of ancient gear you don’t know what to do with.

Currency Throughout History and Beyond

Banknotes, coins, and credit cards are typically the first things that come to mind for us when we think about money. But money comes in many other forms, as well. In fact, the form currencies can take has always changed throughout history and will continue to change in the future.

Get Affordable Life Insurance and an RM100 Watson's Voucher From RinggitPlus!

Getting yourself and your loved ones’ properly insured is an important step when planning your finances. An adequate life insurance policy will be important if a tragedy befalls you to not only care for yourself (in the event of total and permanent disability) or for your loved ones and your estate (if you were to pass away within the policy’s validity period).

5 Things Every Traveller Needs in His Backpack

With the advent of budget airlines - it is true that more Malaysians than ever can fly. If you’re one of those who’ve got the constant travel bug; you’re going to find the five items in this list (in no particular order) super helpful on your trails.

Buying Christmas Gifts is Boring; Give These Instead

Christmas shopping can be fun, sure. But choosing a good gift, enduring crowded malls, and the obvious hit on our wallets can also make the pressure to purchase presents tough to deal with. We’ve also previously discussed at length about the downsides of the gift-buying tradition. So how about we try something different this Christmas? Here are some alternatives to gift-buying you can do to spice up your holidays.

Alternative Christmas Trees for Those on a Budget

The entire cost of a Christmas tree can run into hundreds of ringgit - thousands even if you decide to buy from a departmental store at the mall. But in these days of DIY and Pinterest, you don’t need to spend money like that anymore.

7 Day Revamp: Planning a Solo Retirement

Financial preparation for retirement is an imperative practice that everyone undertakes, some a little earlier than others and some with a spouse and family, while others choose to go at it alone.

7 Day Revamp: Getting Started with Investing

Getting your savings off the ground and into a cushy level is the first step to financial freedom but considering the effects of inflation and the time-value of money - it cannot be the only step!

7 Day Revamp: Newly-wed Money Management Guide

The commitment one makes to marriage is a big one and will affect the way in which you function on a day to day basis - needing henceforth to accommodate another person (and often their family too!).

Tips to #SaveMore This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly – yes, Christmas is around the corner and everyone’s already stripping apart their salary from last month to figure out if they have anything left for the New Year!

7 Day Revamp: Buying Your First Home

Many people believe buying a home is a life goal to be accomplished. It is certainly no small feat as it involves large sums of money and often life-long commitment to a home loan.

The Forefront of Quality Education

Education as we know it is the cornerstone to a successful nation. In effort to bolster the country’s potential, RinggitPlus and have teamed up to give deserving youth of today the opportunity to quality education!

7 Day Revamp: Managing Your Salary

If you work; you earn a wage and this is the resource with which you will pay for your expenses, wants and needs. Unfortunately, for us, salaries are a finite resource and definitely prone to depleting much before we are done with the many things we must pay.

7 Day Revamp: Saving on Travels!

The only regret that most people have about traveling is the thought of dealing with the bill once the trip is over, but we at Savemoney can attest that there are definitely ways to enjoy a vacation on a budget.