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4 Millionaires Who Made Their Fortune Playing Video Games

Is there really such a thing as video game millionaires? While the term may be unthinkable as recently as 15 years ago, nowadays people can make a steady living, of not an impressive fortune, just through video gaming. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of people who made their first million dollars through that hobby your parents told you will rot your brain.

5 Biggest Perks of Switching to Postpaid

Prepaid cell plans are excellent for students, travellers or simply for those who want to keep an eagle eye on their budgets. The system of paying as you use is a great way to plan your expenses and ensure you don’t end up with a huge unexpected bill when you haven’t the cash to pay for it.

3 Easy Recipes for Must-Try Christmas Dishes

The joy of Christmas is one that stretches across different ethnic boundaries anywhere in the world – spawning varying recipes for the celebration and can clearly be distinguished in our very own country!

Bring More Value to the Dinner Table with Social Dining

Are you hungry for tasty, authentic meals that come with a side of – new friends? Yes, this is the tempting promise of ‘social dining’, but is it a promise fulfilled? To find out, we sent a long-standing contributor for the Savemoney team (that’s me!) on a social dining excursion and I am back with delicious information.

All You Need to Know About Black Friday

Unlike the Black Plague, Black Friday refers to a much-anticipated event in the US (and now pretty much worldwide) that everyone would like to get in on. But just what is this Black Friday and why are even Malaysian stores getting in on the action?

How Much Money Did “$ave Dat Money” Actually Save?

“My name is Dave. I’m actually a rapper? [I’m] shooting a music video where the concept is: ‘How can you make the most epic rap video ever for no money’? So one thing we’re doing is we’re going around to nice homes and seeing if we can shoot for like 15 minutes in their houses.

5 Amazing Places You Can Go With AirAsia's Current Promotion

It’s nearing the end of the year and we know some of you are already thinking about where to go for the holidays next year. If you’re one of them, then AirAsia must have been listening to you because they recently came out with new promotional ticket prices to some amazing vacation spots! The promotion’s traveling period is from the middle of next year onwards and includes some truly awesome holiday destinations, indeed.

5 Extra Costs You Don't Budget For But Probably Should

We know the drill: save for emergencies, save for retirment, save for big festivals depending on what we celebrate and of course, save for vacations. There seems to be an awful lot to save for every year before even considering the long-term plans home buying and investments!

7 Costly Common Driving Habits!

Leaving the lights on and plugs in their sockets are just some of the stubborn habits that are hard to get rid of at home – you’d be surprised at the driving habits you have that can be even more costly than you realise!

Home Improvement DIY Tips

The DIY home improvement habit is a relatively new concept in urban Malaysia. For most of our home improvement projects and fixes we usually have a slew of handymen we can call to fix it. Those lucky enough to have Tim Allen type husbands and fathers of course, do not need to read further!

Vapes vs Cigarettes: Which Would Your Wallet Choose?

Malaysians smokers can’t seem to catch a break these days. What with the haze jokes, clampdown on vaping, and now the increase of cigarette prices, it’s getting plenty difficult to manage this national pastime.In our eternal quest to help you manage your money better, here we shall put our math hats on and shuffle around some numbers to help you determine which of these two smoking alternatives are best for you and your wallet.

Savemoney! Y U Post Sponsored Article?

A lot of content websites these days are taking on sponsored posts – whether or not they make it obvious that they do. From articles that talk about how awful an issue/problem is and then on to how their client’s product can make it all better to an entire article on how awesome a product/service is. Often these posts are disguised as reviews and comparisons but it’s hard to hide the obvious skew toward the paying client at the end.

Ridiculous Courtroom Arguments Made to Avoid Paying Money

Courtroom cases on TV are always emotionally charged, aren’t they? Betrayals, broken hearts, and tearful confessions lead us to believe that listening in on courtroom arguments must be intensely powerful stuff. But sometimes, they can be powerfully ridiculous instead.

4 Things We Love About Deepavali

The wonderful thing about being Malaysian is ethnic diversity that coexists all around – so prominent that we’ve come to embrace each other’s customs in ways truly priceless.

Tips to Be an Undercover Cheapskate!

Some who walk among us have no issues exposing their frugality – but for those who do, we’ll show you exactly how you can be one and get away with it unnoticed!

AirAsia BIG's Final Call!

It’s almost the end of the year and there is no better period to make those holiday bookings than now – that’s great news especially for all AirAsia BIG Members!

Are You a Money Worshipper?

The way we think about money can heavily affect how we manage our finances, but is the opposite also true? Perhaps the way we handle our money can also affect our thinking and the way we operate. For all the self-help books about how to get rich, there is surprisingly little literature in the fields of finance and psychology that link money to emotional and mental well-being.

Get More Out of Your Leftovers

When we were little our parents would always tell us to finish our food. They say things like “The rice will cry if you don’t eat them,” or “If you leave food on the plate, that scary man will come get you,” or “If you don’t eat properly, you won’t grow up and you’ll be the shortest kid in school and nobody will want to marry you”… or at least, that’s what I was told!

Save On School Holiday Fun With These Budget Destinations

We’re at the tail-end of the year and it’d be such a waste if we can but still haven’t travelled anywhere yet. With the school holidays coming up, what better time to get the whole family on a trip somewhere fun and affordable?

Here's How to Take a Super Cheapskate Vacation

Don’t be alarmed by the title, we’re not going to ask you to buy rose sirap and sit by Klang River for your cheap vacation but this is going to be an honest-to-goodness way to be an ultimate cheapskate and yet still enjoy a good holiday.

4 Expenses You Can Cut Today to Save

A large portion or almost all of our monthly commitments involve daily usage items – and you could slash lots of little spending that slip right through our fingers. Some can be done even through a simple phone call!


Things to Remember Before Renting Out Your Spare Room

We’ve mentioned how to get the best out of Airbnb before. The rent lodging service is indispensable if you’re planning a budget trip. Much cheaper than any other avenue for accommodation and easy to navigate, it has helped many a frugal traveller to afford staying the night in countries far away from home.

The Evolution of Mobile Phones!

They say you don’t know where you’re headed unless you know where you came from – in this case we take a look at some of the classic handsets that help pave the way for modern mobile marvels.

5 of the Best Payday Weekend Party Spots!

It’s the payday weekend and nothing can quite describe the feeling of blowing some cold cash (not too much though!) on a great night out after a back-busting month of hard work – hence, we present to you party or chill out spots you have to invade for a guaranteed great time!

5 Fun Dating Ideas Under Fifty Ringgit

Picture this: You and your partner have finally pinpointed a day where neither of you are too busy. You haven’t done anything fun, just the two of you, not for a while now. Or maybe this is the first time you two are going out. You have a week to prepare and think about the date. Now it’s just the matter of figuring out what to do.